About Us

CAB HELP are one of the leading providers of quality taxi rental vehicles companies in the North East of England. We supply Hackney Carriage and Private Hire plated vehicles in non-fault accidents to the public and leading insurers - never be off the road with CAB HELP. All of our vehicles are plated in the North East area including Newcastle Upon Tyne, North & South Tyneside, Gateshead & Sunderland.

Our fully maintained, Covid-19 safe and presentable vehicles fulfill all the requirements of your taxi needs. Easy weekly payments make renting a vehicle with us simple as possible. All mechanical maintenance, servicing, licensing, road tax and specialist taxi insurance are all carried out in-house. 

We support you throughout your rental agreement

Tailored rental agreements

We are committed to provide excellent personal customer service and can be contacted 24 hours a day.

Leading taxi provider

CAB HELP are your locally based North East company, supplying fully insured taxi vehicles including private hire & multi seaters.

Huge area covered

Newcastle Upon Tyne, North & South Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough & more.

We can turn around an extremely stressful situation quickly and get you back on the road.


12A Hadrian Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear


Phone: 0191 2736868
Text 24/7: 07812 348558


Any feedback would be appreciated. If you have rented a vehicle from Cab Help and would like to post a comment on our website please contact us. 

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